CommuniCare Health Services

My designs were chosen to become the signage brand standards for the re-branding of the CommuniCare Health Services Family of Companies. I created the standardized sign package that is being used today for the signage installations for all 43 facilities across the US. Among my original designs are the monument sign (as seen in the pictures,) the Wayfinding signage and the Interior ADA signage, which were created to resemble the same theme. Brushed Aluminum accents were the main focus for a modern feel, to create a contrast with the brand standards PMS 540 Navy.

3/8" Flat-cut aluminum Gemini dimensional letters painted custom blue + Clear Anodized Natural Satin Brushed finish.
3/8" thick PVC, Stud-mounted, Custom painted Orange + Chemetal Brushed Aluminum Laminate.
** Studiothink designed the "Crystal Creek" and "Advance 360" logo; however, I was the one that suggested Brushed Aluminum as the accent color. This sign is one of the many standardized dimensional letter signs that are being installed across every facility in the US.

Interactive PDF of the whole sign package. However, pages 25-26 loaded incorrectly and this was also created to staple on the left hand side and flip to the left. Hence that's why the page numbers are in the lower right hand corner of all the pages.

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