Weekends Only Signage

I had the wonderful experience of managing the project of all the interior + exterior signage for the new Weekends Only store that opened in Manchester, February 2011. The project consisted of channel letter signage on the exterior of the building on a curved custom fabricated structure. As well as all of the interior banners, displays, dimensional letter signage on the walls, vignettes, pinwheel and walls showcase displays. Summit Sign and Graphics produced all of the signage, and as their Creative Director at the time, I managed the environmental graphics, production, installation, etc. Hope you enjoy this project as much as I did!   Weekends Only worked with an architect firm and marketing firm to implement the first round of concepts, but I designed the banners inside the store that are still used today and helped make the designs come to life. Check out their new Weekends Only store in Indy. This commercial shows those same banner graphics inside the store behind Tom Phillips, owner of Weekends Only. YouTube video is embedded below.

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