Peabody Opera House

As Creative Director of Summit Sign and Graphics, I was thrilled to be the lead designer and project manager overseeing the whole signage package for the Peabody Opera House, located in downtown St. Louis. I worked directly with Paric Corporation, Optimus Dev and E+A Architects throughout the duration of the redevelopment project. From estimating, shop drawings, concept to design, production, fabrication of all of the Back-of-House and Front-of-House signage, to reading the sign schedules from the architects, making sure all of the installation locations were explained on the architect plans, ADA sign code restrictions, colors of material consistency, recessed/etched copy, tactile/raised lettering, etc.... After eight to ten months, 500+ signs later, all of the signage went up beautifully inside the newly renovated Kiel Opera House. This was among the most rewarding projects that I've been involved in; and I'm ready to take on some more!

 Acrylic panels inserted into the existing original light boxes from the early 1920's. The light shines through the white acrylic as the black opaque vinyl blocks the rest of the light, to have "INFORMATION" illuminate in the Ticket Lobby location.
 Etched Zinc, with a Bronzetone finish, signage with braille rastors applied to meet ADA compliance code. These are very 'High-end' signs and look fabulous.
 Shop Drawings created for the proofing stages. This is one of many created.

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